Recently having up and down times, especially yesterday when we are actually intending to celebrate Khin birthday for him, although not grand or what, but sometimes a simple celebration is enough for us don't you think so? But, despite us for coming to ECP late for sake of him, and.....hais. Don't wish to elaborate unhappy moments. 这般这般。。如此如此。。At most, no more next  time lor =)

Sometimes I wonder, don't they feel kind of guilty? It's like making us being a complete retard fool for a moment, even realising that we are one, but we can't do anything to salvage the situation. the best we did is to leave the situation.
I remember telling them before, Don't regret if anything wrong happens, IN THE END..all of us regretted. At that time, It's like I'm contradicting myself. Honestly, no one expected this to happen at all, and not even expecting that they could just treat us like invisible, like a thin air which to them we are not even there. Sometimes can't they just put themselve into our shoe? SO MUCH for the effort. Disappointment.

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