Simei ITE, for the past 1 year and a half that I've been here, is known to be to be relax, slacking, where you could hardly find any DM around especially in the tech block. And usually when you in and out of the backgate, it is Safe, because there's practically no DM around there, and hence no student will wear the landyard at all, and the more you won't scared of getting caught with long hair.

But the new terms starts! Out of sudden, maybe because of the H1N1 cases spreading around Singapore, of course the school will take caution, but the big CON about this is.. DM(S) are starting to camp almost everywhere in the school, especially the entrance, to see if you did wear a lanyard with your student card inside, and if you are wearing jeans and with long hair, they will..with no mercy..write your IC number down, or even take your student card photo into their handphone, which I find it rather ridiculous.

And yeap, just the 2nd day of school and I am the victim of the DM, with above 'critiria', hair, jean, lanyard, blabla. And I can't imagine the 3rd day 4th day and so on, I think I'll try to dodge as much as I could, with some risks of getting caught the 2nd time, it will be worse if it was the same person.

So.. this damn thing makes me don't dare to wonder my school so much, it's too dangerous, everywhere could be a trap. And what's most unfair thing is............ Why AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO IS GETTING AIM THE MOST?! Yes you might think that I have long hair what, confirm get aim. But trust me, there's alot of ppl, even my class who have longer hair than me, but they aren't getting aimed so much, and some of them manage to escape all the DM(s) ( which I don't know how they manage to did it now as everywhere is the trap).
I'm much like a wanted man in ITE now, this suck, BIG TIME.

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