Just watched a video of SNSD in a show, doing a little interview and some touching scenes, had just made me cried, not once, but twice. As I've watched twice. Although you might think that what I've gonna say below might not completely 'on logic' with the video. But partially, it is.
By the way, below is the link to the video, in 2 parts.


Whether you like SNSD or not, it will be a must watch for you, if you want to be emotional.


Firstly, what I gonna say is.. Dear Mom, I Love You. Although sometimes I've made you worry so much, regardless of my behaviour, attitude, stubborness, but you are forever my loving mom, who is always caring to me in every aspect of my life, be it in physical or mental wise, you did a great job. Most importantly no matter what, you must be happy, seeing how happy you were when I gave you a hug during your birthday, has certainly brighten up my mood completely, seeing how happy you were when we have chances to actually sit down and chatted even for just 5 mins or so, that's made me realised how you cherish every moment with us, your child.
I will certainly cherish my mom, as she is the greatest gift I can ever have, without her, I won't be here too. She brought me into this world, giving me a chance to live in this wonderful world, and have a mom like her, mom, thank you very much and love you, eternally.

Secondly, I'm gonna dedicate this to my bedok clique, yes my brothers and sisters. Although sometimes, I showed attitude, showed unbearably behaviour and being cold to you all sometimes, being dao to you all sometimes, out of a sudden letting you guys thinking what actually am I thinking at that moment when I show sudden attitude or coldness. Yes I admit I have alot of flaws, different kind of flaws that sometimes makes you all think that I'm a fk-up person overall. Showing some selfishness behaviour making you all thinks that I'm such a selfish person. I.. in the bottom of my heart, sincerely apologise to all of you, no matter what happened, that I've personally made you all feel worry and angry in some circumstance, I apologise.
Because, I seriously cherish all of you very much, VERY MUCH. I won't wanna lose anyone of you at all, because each and everyone of you had already been part of my life, part of my body parts. Which I cannot afford to lose at all.
You guys have been treating me really good, and I mean really good, I can feel it. You all have been there for me, when I need someone, someone will be there. You guys have been giving in to me alot, I know this too. You guys have been very accomodating to me, I know this too.
I promise I will be a better friend, for you guys. Honestly, I've never received so much love, especially from a clique..like you all. I can't be any happier in my life, for having you all. I'm such a lucky guy, for having you all. Without you guys, my life will not be so full of colours. I know this sounds kind of .. dumb, or stupid, or common, but this is sincerely how i felt.

You all are my brothers, and sisters, for now, and for eternity.. Love You ALL.

Let's walk our path together, shall we?


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