Yesterday straight after my 'school attachment' , met Junhao and accompanied him and his friend back to Bedok to search for 铁打医, after a few rounds of searching(despite a few shops that are having busy schedule), they decided to go to the one that open at 7pm. I did not accompanied them to the location, I went home and changed(as the weather is very hot), and went straight to Weiting's house, for dinner, as her mum will be cooking for us! And I know her mum's cooking will be nice.

Reached there and they've already started playing Majong, of course I won't be playing, but instead sitting at the sofa watching TV. And It is Mio TV, and I watched 双天自尊 II, ever remembered watching this show? One of my favourite childhood memory show when I was a kid, and Singapore old shows are damn nice, compared to their current one, which shows nearly no standard at all. Although in the old times their technology are not so advanced(graphics and wise), but their storylines are so much better, and the show is happening.

Had dinner with Des, Weiting, Kat and Weiting's friend Marilyn, and YES her mum's cooking are really nice, especially the soup. Hahaha. I'll be sure to go there again and eat. =x

And they continued their Majong and I continued my old show, watched concecutively 6 episodes. And they decided to go to Kelvin's uncle funeral to play as they lack of players. But I went home.

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曲 : 曹格  词 : 小寒

你的笑容是恩惠 世界难得那麼美
於是追 要你陪 可惜本能终会将美丽汗水化成泪水

黑夜之所以会黑 叫醒人心里的鬼
在游说 在萦回 在体内是什麼 在把我摧毁在伤痕累累

我可以无所谓 寂寞却一直掉眼泪
人类除了擅长颓废 做什麼都不对 Oh I'm Not Okay

我假装无所谓 才看不到心被拧碎
人在爱情里越残废 就会越多安慰 无论(有)多虚伪

空虚并非是词汇 能够形容的魔鬼
它支配著行为 能摆脱寂寞我什麼都肯给 就像个傀儡


词好悲啊~What a sad song and sad lyrics, thumbs up for 小寒 and 曹格, another great song from him in my opinion :) 


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Pictures will be uploaded later on, hopefully by tonight. So...let me start the heat up with...

<Weiting's 18th Birthday Celebration 5th of June 2009>

Me, Desmond and John went to Tampines 1 to buy a Big Domo for our star, although I know maybe she kind of sick of Domo, but I think she will be happy to add one more to her Domo collections.

Met up with the rest at Plaza Singapura, and decided to eat subway for our dinner first, subway is always nice, but sometimes It's not so filling unless you order some long footwear size or something, and the cookies was nice too. ^^ We were sort of the last to reach, exception of Ry.(He is one of our number 1 dragger). Hanping, YJ, Kat, Weiting and Kelvin reached there already. Had a subway club for my meal, and RY soon reached after we had finished, accompanied him to the mac below and let him have his dinner, because obviously he didn't have it yet.

Idling around while waiting for him, and to our Next location : Pub!

The pubs are just near Plaza Sing, at first I suggested Liquid Gold, but when we went inside, the seats there was pretty much full and only upstair seats were available, but the upstair seats need a minimum of $300 spending, so we decided to change pub instead.
In the end, we went to the pub where we 'usually' go, The Crew Room. Alot of seats were reserved(probably because Its friday), but we still managed to get a sofa seats, although Its kinda squeezy to us abit. We called 2 towers, and Khin soon later joined us. We sang and sang. the rest playing some dice games. 'Some' of them went off earlier before 12, for whatever reason I don't wish to know
Just a few of us, waiting for the arrival of 12am, and BOOM! Birthday songs were played and birthday cakes were presented to our birthday girl, and she was kinda surprise! Happy too with a big wide smile on her face. Haha~
Sang a few more songs and we went off, actually intended to eat Nice Beancurd nearby, but Desmond was too tired, so we went back by cab.

This marks the end of her birthday celebrations, and hope she enjoyed it ! :D Happy 18th Birthday Weiting! ^^

and for the next ..................


<Derrick's 19th Birthday Celebration 7th Of June 2009>

Met up with Ivy at Bedok Platform, and we took MRT to PLAZA SINGAPURA YET AGAIN. But this time we went to Park Mall Fish & Co. to meet up with the rest. Derrick said we were the last but we are NOT Last to reach was Johnson, Oh man it was such a long time ever since I saw him, and he was still as chubby as ever. Haha~

People who attended were : Derrick himself, Geok, Wini, Regina, Johnson, Ben Goh, Ivy, Huilin, Liting, Marshall, Hanxiang and Shijie. Most of us ordered the seafood platter for Two. Including me and JS. As I was very hungry because I haven't had any meals yet, so we ate kinda fast. And we even ate some of the shares from others too

Since we are celebrating at Fish & Co. How can we lack of their birthday songs? Like desmond's one last year, the staffs there sang birthday songs to him and offered the cake out, but this time he were to STAND at his own seats(worse than Des case last year), holding the fire cracker in his hand, I can imagine how embarrassed it was, but hey It can be memorable

Pub again for the next location, same row of pubs again. Unfortunately, Liquid Gold was closed on Sunday. So we went to The Crew Room AGAIN  Same exact seats again., but this time it was more squeezy as there were more people of course. Only called one tower as they intended to change pub later on.

For few hours and we changed pub, to Red Ants pub, the rest went back which only left me, Hanxiang, Derrick, Huilin, Wini, Shijie and Johnson.

Well, Red Ants pub ambience were rather good, and the waiteress there were better looking. Hehe. Called one more tower, but our star could not take it anymore, so he kept drinking warm water to cheer, while we drank beer instead.
He wanted me to promise him to sing birthday song for him at 12am in KTV version, ok so I promised. 12am came! All of us used sang the birthday song to him while I used mic as promised, sang to him, and he actually felt touched! Haha. He was like always want me to sing song for him, he think I'm karaoke machine meh. Hehe, but he is the star man, so I'll just go as his wish. Enjoyed our time there till around 1 to 2am, went down to have a little supper at 7-11 and off we back via cab.
Happy birthday Derrick Lee!




PS: Sorry JS that I forgotten your birthday! Happy late birthday ok?


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OK, I'm back to the updates! Just back home from Weiting's birthday celebrations and I'll go into more details later on.

雪花冰 !我来了!



So let me share with you all what happened during 2nd of June, Dinner cum Hillary Inn with the fanclub~
Didn't actually remembered what dinner we had, because I don't think It's WORTH to actually remember it(Because I think the food doesn't seems good, at least for my meal). By the way, I had finger fish rice, which I think the fish doesn't look like a finger at all. It just couldn't get myself full, not up to my expectations of course, and It is kind of expensive. But the next locations we went is Worth to talk about it, It is called the Hillary Inn, and our target is their 雪花冰, & for only a reason, because our Idol Miss 梁文音 went here before and consumed their 雪花冰 & their 康乃馨(Correct me If I'm wrong in the spelling Pls  ) , and you are right, we actually tested pretty much most of their  雪花冰 & their 康乃馨. Feel free to go to my 'Album' for more pictures that we took at Hillary.(可以去我的‘Album’,会有更多照片)

真的不错吃,我本人特别喜欢那个草莓口味的,而且他们的康乃馨还挺好喝的,我本身喜欢茶,可能就是适合我的口味吧~ 价钱方面也不会说很贵,想一想新加坡的VivoCity 的东西都满贵的,比起来其实还算不贵。你们也可以尝试去试一试,那边的环境也不错,挺舒服的。出席的人有,我本人,勇框,Eugene,Cloud,Stella,Suyi,Samartha。*


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曹格终于要出新专辑了!从Superwoman,Superman和Super Sunshine 一直到现在即将要退出的《超级4Th场》aka Supermarket,他的每张专辑都带给我不一样的
感觉,从“世界唯一的你”"背叛“和”无辜”之后,下一个他将成为你们的 "寂寞先生“了。


寂寞先生这首歌,歌词很悲伤,曹格把这首唱的又高,又有感情。推荐~ ^^




Actually I had seriously consider about testing this PK thing, but I think I won't stand a high chance at all, as there's alot of people in Singapore who really can sing very well. And 3 people among the whole singapore had already made the percentage till less than 3%. But I will be interested to know the talents they've chosen to PK the contestant from One Million Star 5, will there be another 萧敬腾 Or 梁文音? I highly doubt so

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突然间,这个话题进我脑海里,因为我发现几乎每个人都会问我一样的问题 -〉敬炜,吃多一点啦!你这么瘦。
我知道我很瘦啦~! 但是不是我不要吃多一点,是我根本吃不肥,加一公斤都难,连我自己都觉得很遗憾,为什么根本都肥不了。也没有真正去看医生还是什么。


Most importantly, I feel that It is the best that I be my usual self,  the same and usual thin Jingwei. No doubt that in future there will be more people asking me the same exact question, and even ask me why am I so thin, maybe that's the actual reason why I'm still single LOL.


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Hi all, this blog is gonna be ready real soon after I figure out on how to fully configure it and how to actually use it. Meanwhile I won't be adding tagboard for the time being, so feel free to comment on my post itself. Thanks everyone for supporting this. And hopefully I can find time to update it.

For your info, I will be using half chinese half english on my post to further benefit my other friends from malaysia or others. Sorry for any inconvenient!

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Hi all, I know It's been long time ever since I blog. (In fact I'm kinda tired of Blogspot)
So now, I'm trying this new chinese blog thing, cause this seems to be more nicer and It's fresh!



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